Michael Patterson

Graphene Frontiers

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Entrepreneurial executive making the world a better place with graphene technology. Self-proclaimed polymath and avowed meliorist.

Graphene Frontiers is an advanced materials and nanotechnology device company. GF is building on its core expertise in graphene film production with the development of a graphene-based biosensor platform that will revolutionize diagnostics by shrinking lab-scale processes to automated chip-sized point-of-care systems with unprecedented speed and sensitivity.

Cost – Speed – Sensitivity – Selectivity – Ease of Use – Multiplexing – Small Sample Volumes

Each sensor is tiny and ideal for multiplexing: The active graphene channel for detection in each field effect transistor is about 10 micron: 1/10 the width of a human hair, making multiplexing with small or precious samples easy. GF makes the devices using standard semiconductor processing techniques. The technology is inherently scalable and well suited to mass manufacture at very low cost per device, and the inherent properties of the material can eliminate extensive sample preparation (incubation or amplification) and enable incredible sensitivity, selectivity, and speed to results. The all-electronic platform is label-free, enables quantification of analyte concentration, and does not require expensive equipment or highly skilled operators.

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